Klaas Goethals Photography

“El Circo de los Tres Hermanos”

Posted in Uncategorized by klaasgoethals on 19/01/2011

It’s been a while, and I can be a terrible blogger from time to time, but this time it isn’t really my fault. The internet in my house just didn’t seem to work the past week, but we finally managed to fix it. I have internet in the photo studio of my host family though, but since I’m always busy scanning there, it just didn’t occure to me that I could post something overthere.

This serie is one I made in Zacualpan as well, where we went to a local circus. After the ‘show’, we (my Mexican father and I) went asking if we couldn’t come back the next day, to take photo’s while they were just doing there ‘daily things’. They gave us permission, and so we spent four hours of our sunday taking photo’s overthere. In Mexico, there still are a lot of these local, little circus (what is the plural form for ‘circus’ actually?), where children do almost everything, which also is the fact in this one. Anyway, some photo’s:

You can find the whole serie here.

Photo’s were taken with the good old Minolta 7xi, loaded with Fuji Neopan 400, developed in HC110. I’m currently trying Rodinal as well, still searching for the developper (and especially the combination developper – film, I’ve used HC110 on HP5 this weekend, and that gave me some really great results) that really fits me.

Anyway, thanks for watching!


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