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La vuelga

Posted in Uncategorized by klaasgoethals on 01/05/2011

In 1968, Mexican students struck for a couple of months in order to obtain better rights for students in the public universities. In Toluca, the strike began in the faculty of medicine, where only a few students were able to provoke a major student movement among the others. Today, 43 years later, ‘el Centro cinematografico de Metepec’, is making a movie about those days, about Mexico – and above all Toluca – in ’68. I went to take a look the day they were filming in the faculty of medicine.

Tri-x 400@250 in Rodinal
Minolta 7xi met Minolta 50mm f1.7 (hmm, 50mm love!)



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  1. Tjerri said, on 06/05/2011 at 19:24

    Nice pics. I love the first one with the girl. The way you took it, she’s the missing ‘i’ in the word ‘chico’. Funny knowing she’s a chica.
    Lucky shot or do you have a never stopping urge to see special things ? I’ll go for the second …

    Ciao !


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